Space Coast Christian Academy

Space Coast Christian Academy is a private, Christian school serving the needs of local, Bible-believing families looking to educate their children through the prism of a biblical world-view.  While being a Baptist Church, our sincere desire is to develop the “mind of Christ” in all of our students.

For more information about Space Coast Christian Academy, please call the school office at 386.847.4064



We use Abeka Curriculum at Space Coast Baptist Church

“Excellence in Education from a Christian Perspective Since 1972”

What does “Christian curriculum” mean?

Some curriculums incorporate faith and doctrine, but neglect academics.Some include challenging academics, but neglect faith; the materials are mainly secular, with a few verses sprinkled in.
With Abeka, you can count on high academics AND a biblical worldview so your students aren’t left half prepared to make a difference in the world. Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, and you’ll find Scripture and biblical principles used to emphasize or illustrate concepts.